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All Season Tyres

All season tyres or all-weather tyres, are ideally suited for use in countries like the UK where we generally have moderate weather and experience less severe winter conditions, such as extreme snow and ice.


All season Tyres are designed to perform better in less extreme conditions and as a result, they can be used in spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Whilst all season tyres essentially are a mix of winter tyres and summer tyres and have the benefit of being able to be used effectively all year round, it should be noted that they will not provide the optimum performance of fitting a specialist summer or winter tyre in the appropriate season. An all season tyre is generally a good all rounder!!

Here at Draycott Engineering, we stock an extensive range of All Season Tyres.

All Season Tyres explained

All season car tyres provide the benefits of both summer and winter tyres and are effectively a perfect all year round solution. The use of an intermediate rubber compound ensures a perfect grip on both warm, dry roads and also in conditions where temperatures are low and wet.

All season tyres use a specially designed tread pattern to reduce the risk of aquaplaning and deeper sipes to improve grip in icy conditions.

The benefits of using an all season tyre

No more switching between summer and winter tyres

Changing your tyres to provide for the summer and winter conditions can be the more expensive option. Choosing All season tyres means you can use the same tyre type all year round.

Better winter performance compared to a summer tyre

All season tyres provide better grip than summer tyres in lower average temperatures due to a specially developed compound and a unique tread pattern. Look out for the 3 peaked mountain snowflake symbol on the tyre side confirming that the all-season tyre is suitable for winter conditions.

Better summer performance compared to a winter tyre

All weather tyres provide improved handling in dry and warm temperatures using a specially designed tread.Please remember that whilst the all season tyre is an effective all year round option, it will never give the performance of using a specifically developed winter tyre in the winter or a specially designed summer tyre in the summer. Using an all season tyre does, however, provide a simple with all year round solution when trying to decide which tyre is right for you.

If you should need any further advice on which tyre is right for you, please contact our tyre specialist at Draycott Engineering, Didcot