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Runflat Tyres

If you experience a tyre puncture or a loss of tyre pressure a Run Flat Tyre is designed to keep your tyre effective allowing you time to get your vehicle to a tyre fitter.

Run Flat Tyres explained

Run flat tyres are developed to have thicker sidewalls which are reinforced. This allows the tyre to continue to be used for a longer time in the event of a puncture or loss of air. Even in the event of a total loss of air pressure, the run flat tyre will maintain both its shape and its strength meaning that you can safely continue on to a tyre fitter for a replacement. The risk of a tyre blow out can also be greatly reduced by the use of a run flat tyre which if occurs at great speed can be extremely dangerous.

Whilst run flats tyres have obvious benefits it is highly recommended that you travel no further than 50 miles on a punctured run flat tyre. Condition and Wear - A run flat tyre is essentially made the same as a regular tyre and will need to be checked on a regular basis for its condition and its wear.

Can any vehicle use a Run Flat Tyre?

If your vehicle is currently fitted with standard tyres it is unlikely that it has been fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The TPMS is designed to alert you should the tyre have a puncture or a loss of air pressure. Without the TPMS you could be unaware that there is an issue with your run flat tyre and this could obviously have safety risks.

If a run flat tyre does experience a puncture or a loss of air, the tyre will need to be replaced. Due to the design of the tyre, it is very difficult to tell if the structure of the tyre has become damaged and for this reason, it would not be safe to repair the tyre.

At Draycott Engineering we would recommend that the best run flat tyres are those produced by premium manufacturers like Pirelli, Continental, Goodyear and Michelin.

These manufacturers invest a vast amount of time and technology into ensuring a run-flat tyre is effective and safety is never comprised.

If you would like any further advice regarding Run Flat Tyres, please contact our tyre specialists at Draycott Engineering, Didcot