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Tyres Fitting

Maximum precision for your safety.

Benefit from the competence of your Draycott Engineering master workshop: After your purchase, just let our specialists fit the new tyres on the rims and accurately balance them for you.

This is included in our Draycott Engineering tyre fitting service:

  • Trained professional staff
  • Service without pre-registration
  • State of the art equipment
  • Optimal protection of tyres and rims
  • Many years of experience
  • Fast service - without booking or on request with appointment

In the case of tyre mounting, new tyres are usually pulled onto the rims. This is necessary when you buy a set of new tyres, but also if a single tyre needs replacing due to damage.

At Draycott Engineering, tyre fitting is carried out according to the latest technical standards and is done exclusively by our trained specialists. Special machines support these when mounting the tyres on the rims, balancing and precise mounting on your car.

Questions & Answers for tyre fitting

Can I fit my tyres myself?

No. Tyre mounting requires specialist knowledge and also a special technical equipment. The assembly of the tyres on the rims should only be carried out in a master workshop.

What is an RDKS?

The tyre pressure control system (RDKS) monitors the tyre pressure in motor vehicles. The driver is automatically warned via the car's dashboard display should a pressure loss be present. Our expert advice

Tyre fitting? Only professionals do the work!

No compromise on safety!

The Draycott Engineering tyre service team also fits your tyres without an appointment - fast and inexpensive.