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Lemon fresh driving - the Draycott Engineering air conditioning system check for your vehicle. 

An air conditioning is a great thing, which significantly increases your driving comfort and wellbeing. In the summer it spends pleasant coolness, in the winter and in damp weather it keeps the windows clear and thus contributes to your driving safety. It is not so easy to always provide for a pleasant atmosphere with fresh and clean air. Especially not in enclosed rooms. Your air-conditioning system delivers the highest performance every day. 

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of a healthy feel-good climate, you should get your air conditioning system checked and regularly cleaned. 

Please call us for a service appointment by calling 01235 819 966 

We are very flexible, and there are no long waiting times. 

Draycott Engineering - your air-condition Specialists in Didcot, Oxfordshire. 

We check the entire system, among other things: 

Coolant level 

Cooling capacity 


Filter function 

Compressor function 

System pressure 

We can resolve any defects quickly and inexpensively after consultation with you. 

Air conditioning system cleaning and disinfection 

On request, we can also perform air-conditioning system cleaning with the replacement of the interior filter.  

We recommend special filters which bind pollutants before they enter the vehicle interior. You and your passengers benefit from clean interior air. This is particularly important for small children, allergic persons and asthmatics, as fine dust and bacteria accumulate in the air conditioning system over time. Possible consequences are bad odours, allergic reactions and respiratory disease up to lung inflammation. 

But please do not worry, we will do our best to always keep your air conditioning system clean and fully functional for your health and safety.