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The battery, which is often referred to as a starter battery, is a lead accumulator.

On the inside are lead plates, which together with the sulfuric acid trigger a chemical reaction. Thereby, electric energy can be stored. In addition to the date of manufacture, there are three other important indications on a car battery that should be viewed before buying. The voltage specification of 12 volts is nowadays standard.  

The maximum current output is given in Ampere. If there is an indication of, for example, 200 A, this means that the maximum power according to the general performance formula is 12 V x 200 A = 2400 watt or 2.4 kW. The capacity of a battery is given in Ampere/hour, called Ah. At a value of, for example, 80 Ah, this means that the battery can supply a current of 80 amperes for one hour. However, this is only the case with a fully charged car battery and at temperatures above 0 degrees Celsius. At low temperatures, the performance decreases strongly. 

Sometimes a car battery stops working completely. If it cannot be recharged, it cannot be repaired. The replacement of the defective battery is the only solution to the problem. Sometimes new batteries are offered at very reasonable prices. For especially cheap offers, however, always be very careful. Mostly these are cheap products from the Far East, which do not have a satisfactory quality. This can mean that such cheap car batteries can become defective again after a short time. As a result of the more frequent exchange, higher costs are incurred in the long term compared to the purchase of high-quality branded products. Therefore, it is recommended to buy only new batteries of good, branded quality. The prices for batteries have fallen sharply in the last few years so that a change of a defective battery usually does not incur a high cost. 

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There are also no high costs for the removal of the defective car battery and the installation of a new one.  

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