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Let Draycott Engineering take the guesswork out repairing your vehicle

Has a warning light illuminated on your car dashboard? 

Typically, the engine light, the brake light, or some other warning light will illuminate alerting you to a problem.

If you see a warning light illuminated on your dashboard, you will most likely require an engine diagnostics check to identify the problem. There can be many reasons that a warning light is illuminated and these should never be ignored.  Ignoring this warning could prove quite expensive.

An Engine Control Unit (ECU) is an onboard vehicle computer. This computer continually monitors the complex systems of the vehicle, reporting back to the ECU on any problems detected. There are so many potential error codes and these can only be read using specialist vehicle diagnostic equipment. 

Our technicians at Draycott Engineering have the knowledge and technology to diagnose your fault and get you back on the road!

What is involved in an Engine Diagnostic Check?

The engine diagnostic check will scan all of the many complex systems involved within your vehicles, such as the engine, airbags, alarms, bulbs, wipers and the brakes. The scan will then compile a list of problems and provide error codes.  

Once the fault has been rectified, the diagnostics equipment will then turn the warning light off.

Benefits of an Engine Diagnostic Check:

You don’t have to wait for the warning light to illuminate to get a car diagnostic test. If you are concerned that your vehicle just doesn’t feel right or is making a strange noise a diagnostic check can quickly uncover the problem. 

In some cases, an engine diagnostic scan can detect an issue where there has not been a warning light given. 

Performing a diagnostic check can save valuable time when investigating a fault on your vehicle. 

A diagnostic check might also highlight any problems with emissions and fuel consumption.

A diagnostics check takes the guesswork out of repairing your vehicle.

Here at Draycott Engineering, we state of the art diagnostic test equipment and our experts will diagnose the fault and advise on the necessary repairs.