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Long gone are the times when the motor was controlled mechanically, hydraulically or pneumatically and cable pulls were still in use. Today, the control technology, the standard built-in control unit (Electronic Control Unit short ECU), influences the engine's running. The specific field in the motor control software essentially determines the characteristic of the motor.

We use the different software settings employing specific optimisation in the ECU. The tuning software is adapted to the wishes of the customer. The ECUs are optimally adjusted to the engine, so the engine delivers more power, more efficiently, and at the same time reduces fuel consumption.

Chip Tuning - Draycott Engineering


The information that controls the engine management is stored on the electronic control units (ECUs) installed in the car and are called up from there depending on the driving cycle. In the early 1990s, automatic motor tuning took place by replacing the built-in control chips, including the removal and soldering of the electronic components. This is where the name Chip-Tuning comes from. In the mid-1990s, the automotive industry introduced on-board diagnostics (OBD) with built-in sockets. From then on, electronic motor tuning was possible by plugging into the OBD box. The files were easy to read and program with the corresponding reading devices, so-called software flasher.

Today's control units often have to be programmed by boot mode, by directly plugging the readers to the control unit or the board.

This does not have much to do with the chip-tuning of the early days, but the subject matter chip tuning is on everyone's lips. The process should actually be called map optimisation, nevertheless, the word chip tuning has become a fixed concept.

How does chip tuning work? What is changed?

Previously, the engine was controlled by mechanical settings, the famous screw on the carburettor, however, has long gone. Today the engine management of electronic control units is adopted. The memory chips of these devices contain all the information needed to control the entire process. In the case of electronic motor tuning, the particular fields, which provide the individual data, e.g. to ignition timing, injection quantity, air quantity and much more are optimised by reprogramming. The specific field optimisation ensures that the motor runs optimally and all protection functions are maintained.

As a result of the increased primary power, it is possible to drive the engine at an average speed in low-speed ranges while the drive system remains the same. This, of course, saves fuel, but at the same time also reduces the mechanical load on the relevant engine and drive elements.

The result is that the engine with Chip tuning (or more correctly: electronic map optimisation) lasts longer than without Chip tuning!

Diesel or Petrol?


Reduce consumption despite increased performance?

We program the software in the control unit in a way that the improved characteristic of the engine will amaze you. Thanks to our ingenious engine optimisation, you can reduce your fuel consumption dramatically! And this is easily achieved by electronic motor tuning. It does not matter whether you drive a Petrol or a Diesel vehicle. Whether OBD tuning or boot mode, software tuning knows, in this case, no difference, because only the appropriate field in the control unit counts. Come with your BMW, your Audi or another vehicle and get to know the advantages of tuning by software optimisation in the (memory) chip.


The main task of chip tuning today is:

  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Increase the performance of the engine
  • Without losing the usual protective functions


Please speak to us. Our Draycott Engineering experts will be happy to advise you.