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The Exhaust System explained:

The exhaust systems function is to remove the gases from the engine that have been caused by combustion and is essentially a combination of metallic pipes that run the length of the vehicle. 

The most common type of exhaust systems are the single exit type and as the name suggests, it consists of one single exhaust pipe. 

A vehicles exhaust system has four main functions: 

to direct dangerous exhaust fumes away from passengers inside the vehicle

to improve the performance of the engine 

to control noise

to improve fuel consumption 

After combusting its mixture of fuel and air, the engine will create power, heat and exhaust. When exhaust gases are released from the engine they contain several elements that are dangerous to us and to our environment.

The condition of the exhaust system is essential to the overall performance and health of your vehicle. Dangerous exhaust fumes could enter the car; putting the occupants at risk should there be a fault.

The exhaust system consists of the following components:

Exhaust Manifold

The exhaust manifold is a pipe or a series of pipes designed to direct exhaust gases out of the cylinders and through to the vehicles exhaust system. The exhaust manifold will often reach very high temperatures. The manifold continues to burn the fuel that hasn’t already been burned by the engine and channels it to the main exhaust system. 

Exhaust Pipes

The exhaust pipe is the visible element of the exhaust system responsible for channelling the burned gases from the engine manifold to the tailpipe.

Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor is mounted in or around the manifold and its function is to measures how much oxygen has been left within the exhaust system

Head Pipe

The head pipe connects catalytic converter and the muffler to the manifold. 

Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converters function is to reduce the overall amount of harmful pollutants by converting them into water vapour and less harmful gases. A catalytic converter is fitted to the exhaust of all petrol cars manufactured since 1993 


The muffler is the large compartment the exhaust tip is attached to and is one of the most important parts of the exhaust system. The gas passes through the muffler, and this acts as a sound barrier in which noise levels are kept down. If the muffler has a hole in it, the vehicle will produce a louder sound.

The Tail Pipe

The tailpipe is the end of the entire exhaust system. The tailpipe channels the exhaust gasses out into the environment.

Indications of an exhaust problem:


The most common problem for exhaust damage or wear is rust and depending on the severity of the corrosion, can lead to complete exhaust failure or structural damage. 


If you hear rattling noise coming from under the vehicle it could mean a bracket or a piece of the exhaust pipe has become loose. This will put added structural stress on the exhaust system and may result in additional damage to other expensive components. You might also begin to hear strange noises coming from your exhaust. These might be due to a crack in the exhaust pipe or this may signify that there is a problem with the exhaust manifold or a leak from the gasket. 

Power & Fuel Efficiency

When you have an exhaust leak you might begin to notice that your vehicle is losing power.  You might feel vibrations when you touch your steering wheel or vibration in the foot pedal. These issues can also be a sign of a hole in your exhaust or that the exhaust system has become disconnected.

Fuel efficiency may be reduced where there is an exhaust leak present. The leak will mean that the fumes are not being carried away effectively making the engine work at higher temperatures. When the engine works hotter and harder, fuel efficiency suffers as a result.

An effective exhaust system will ensure your car will run smoothly, is fuel efficient and reduces the risk of harmful emissions.

How can we help?

With an exhaust system comprising of so many complex components, it is important to ensure that your exhaust system is checked and repaired periodically.  

Our specialist team at Draycott Engineering, Didcot will inspect and repair your exhaust system to keep you and your car healthy!!

A properly functioning exhaust system is not only right for your vehicles health but is also good for your own health and for the environment