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Tyre Manufacturers - Continental Tyres

Are you thinking about buying new tyres for your vehicle? Maybe you should choose tyres of this very impressive, top-quality brand.

Buy your new Continental Tyres here at Draycott Engineering - your tyre and vehicle specialist in Didcot, Oxfordshire.

In 1871, the "Continental-Caoutchouc and Gutta-Percha Compagnie" was established in Hanover, Germany. The company produces soft rubber, rubberised fabrics and solid tyres for carriages and bicycles. As the first German company, Continental manufactured bicycle pneumatic tyres, the so-called Pneumatics. In 1904, Continental became the first company in the world to develop profiles for automotive vehicles.

In the following years, Continental grew to one of the five largest tyre manufacturers in the world. Through dozens of successes in motorsport with Continental tyres, the company is becoming increasingly famous. Numerous new launches and developments strengthen the position of the company in the global market and above all in the German market. In 1995 the "Automotive Systems" division was set up to intensify the system business with the automotive industry. Continental already presented a key technology without which the hybrid drive systems would be unthinkable. The "Automotive Systems" division opened up a whole new branch of the automotive sector to Continental.

In the coming years, Continental will be the supplier of systems and components for drives and chassis, brake systems, infotainment solutions, instrumentation, vehicle electronics and technical elastomer products. The tyre producer Continental has thus become one of the world's leading automotive suppliers, contributing not only to driving safety but also to global climate protection. Today the Continental Group is represented by more than 160,000 employees in 46 countries.

The Group can be divided into five divisions: Chassis & Safety, which covers the core competency of driving safety.

  • Braking, driving assistance, passive safety and chassis.
  • Powertrain, for innovative and efficient system solutions around the powertrain.
  • Interior, which includes various activities relating to the administration and visualisation of information in the vehicle.
  • Tyres, broken down into the passenger car and commercial vehicle tyres sections.
  • ContiTech bundles the development and production of functional parts, components and systems for the automotive industry, as well as for crucial other industry branches.

Continental Tyres Models

Continental .eContact  Tyres.eContact  Tyres
Continental 4x4 Contact  Tyres4x4 Contact  Tyres
4x4 Contact
Continental 4x4 Contact XL Tyres4x4 Contact XL Tyres
4x4 Contact XL
Continental 4x4 Sport Contact XL Tyres4x4 Sport Contact XL Tyres
4x4 Sport Contact XL
Continental 4x4 Winter Contact  Tyres4x4 Winter Contact  Tyres
4x4 Winter Contact
Continental 4x4 Winter Contact XL Tyres4x4 Winter Contact XL Tyres
4x4 Winter Contact XL
Continental All Season Contact  TyresAll Season Contact  Tyres
All Season Contact
Continental All Season Contact XL TyresAll Season Contact XL Tyres
All Season Contact XL
Continental Contact CST17  TyresContact CST17  Tyres
Contact CST17
Continental Contact TS815  TyresContact TS815  Tyres
Contact TS815
Continental Contact TS815 XL TyresContact TS815 XL Tyres
Contact TS815 XL
Continental ContiTrac  TyresContiTrac  Tyres
Continental ContiTrac XL TyresContiTrac XL Tyres
ContiTrac XL
Continental Cross Contact  TyresCross Contact  Tyres
Cross Contact
Continental Cross Contact AT  TyresCross Contact AT  Tyres
Cross Contact AT
Continental Cross Contact AT XL TyresCross Contact AT XL Tyres
Cross Contact AT XL
Continental Cross Contact ATR  TyresCross Contact ATR  Tyres
Cross Contact ATR
Continental Cross Contact ATR XL TyresCross Contact ATR XL Tyres
Cross Contact ATR XL
Continental Cross Contact LX  TyresCross Contact LX  Tyres
Cross Contact LX
Continental Cross Contact LX 2  TyresCross Contact LX 2  Tyres
Cross Contact LX 2
Continental Cross Contact LX 2 XL TyresCross Contact LX 2 XL Tyres
Cross Contact LX 2 XL
Continental Cross Contact LX Sport  TyresCross Contact LX Sport  Tyres
Cross Contact LX Sport
Continental Cross Contact LX Sport XL TyresCross Contact LX Sport XL Tyres
Cross Contact LX Sport XL
Continental Cross Contact LX XL TyresCross Contact LX XL Tyres
Cross Contact LX XL
Continental Cross Contact LX2  TyresCross Contact LX2  Tyres
Cross Contact LX2
Continental Cross Contact LX2 XL TyresCross Contact LX2 XL Tyres
Cross Contact LX2 XL
Continental Cross Contact UHP  TyresCross Contact UHP  Tyres
Cross Contact UHP
Continental Cross Contact UHP E  TyresCross Contact UHP E  Tyres
Cross Contact UHP E
Continental Cross Contact UHP E XL TyresCross Contact UHP E XL Tyres
Cross Contact UHP E XL
Continental Cross Contact UHP XL TyresCross Contact UHP XL Tyres
Cross Contact UHP XL