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With Michelin, you no longer have to compromise on safety, durability and fuel economy, whether it's for motorsport, aviation, commercial vehicles or automobiles. These three key performance components have been so excellently optimised by Michelin that they have grown to become the second largest tyre company since its founding in 1889 with 69 manufacturing sites in 18 countries, sales organisations in more than 170 countries and 115,000 employees around the world. 180 million tyres and about 10 million road maps are produced annually.

In 1891, when the French brothers André and Edouard Michelin discovered the comfort and advantages of the demountable pneumatic tyres - and thus predecessors of all today's tyres - the rubber-processing family company quickly specialised in tyre production. To prove the suitability for everyday use and the advantages of pneumatic tyres to the public, in 1895 they built the first car with pneumatic tires for the Paris-Bordeaux-Paris circuit. Despite several incidents and breakdowns, the pneumatic tyre celebrated a great success and thus also Michelin. Since then, Michelin has acquired ground breaking patents with innovative, original ideas and research successes, but has also made motorists more mobile through better navigation maps and guides, and top restaurants are still awarded the Michelin Star. Since 1981 Michelin even equips aircrafts with tyres. These long-standing traditions are optimally symbolised by the Michelin man, one of the most well-known and oldest advertising figures.

Michelin was also a pioneer in environmental management. In 1992, the first "Green Tyre" was launched, affiliated to today's Challenge Green program, and since 1998, the Challenge Bibendum program for green vehicle design has been held annually.

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